Natalia Selin

Business Development & Digital Platforms

Natalia brings a solid 20 years of experience in engineering, marketing and production to the Adam House team.

Educated in the Moscow Aviation Institute, with an M.S. in electrical engineering with specialization in orientation and navigation systems, Natalia started her career working in Russia as a design engineer. In parallel with that, Natalia was instrumental in several successful publishing and marketing ventures.

After moving to the USA, she held the position of content designer at International Interactive Media, a hardware and software supplier for television and multimedia industry. She then moved to RMS Networks, a non-traditional media company focusing on retail environment. There, Natalia was responsible for architecting and designing enterprise content management systems and managing a video production division responsible for commercials for the cable company.

After a brief stint at Global Medical Management, a health insurance provider, as Director of Technology Integration, Natalia served as VP of Production for Wrapmail, a next generation email servicing company. Natalia then became involved in development of components and content for mobile technologies in 2000 by incorporating mobile notification services into enterprise content management systems and has created several successful services and applications centered on smartphone platforms. Subsequently, as a partner at Kaizen, a technology developer, she managed all projects related to mobile applications as well as content development and distribution for The Tube-digital Iterative Media Solution for Hyundai Corporation.

When away from the office, Natalia enjoys skiing, sailing, kickboxing, scuba diving and flying her single engine airplane. She is Vice President of Boys and Girls Club of Broward county and member of Ft. Lauderdale Art Museum.