Advertising Should Pay For Itself

When most companies consider paid advertising, they think about how many customers it will bring through the door. But most do not think about how they will get a return on their ad spend. For example, if a restaurant spends $1,000 on a billboard and each new customer is worth $15 profit, the billboard would have to bring in 67 new customers to offset the cost of the ad.


Do your ads pay for themselves dollar-for-dollar? Do you know how to quantify that number? Adam House does. We build special matrix into each and every advertisement, making advertising tracking easy. We can analyze multiple campaigns at one time, giving us the ability to focus your ad spend on items with the highest yield.

Stand Out with a Strong Ad

When creating an ad, you must review the publication/medium and the other ads in the same space. You don't want to blend in with the other advertisers, or you wont get any notice. You want to stand out through color, bold messaging, unique images, or interesting placements. If all the neighboring ads are text-heavy, go for an image-based ad. If the ads are all bold, go simple with extra white space.

Stand out from the crowd.

Great Ads

Ads should make a great impact upon a single encounter. Adam House creates stimulating advertisements with simple messages. When viewers encounter an ad from Adam House, they can easily understand the offering, while getting a visual representation of the brand identity of the company. We want our ads to give the viewer an immediate reaction. An urge. A desire, A memory. We want them to carry this reaction to the front door of your establishment.

Built in Tracking

Adam House builds in tracking mechanisms to each advertisement, whether it be online ads, print ads, or broadcast advertising. Through custom URLs, unique phone numbers, tracked clicks, and a few other tricks we have up our sleeves, we can tell where a customer originated from and use that information to expand marketing campaigns that are effective and update advertising campaigns that are less so.

Complimenting Campaigns

Marketing campaigns should not be created in a vacuum. Instead, they should be treated as interlocking parts of a whole. Messages should overlap between paid and unpaid content. Visuals should mirror or reference one another. When a potential customer sees one campaign, then a second, they should be able to immediately connect the two in their mind. Not only does this strengthen the campaign in the client's memory, but it maximizes the images and copy to be used across multiple platforms.

Negotiated Ad Placements

Advertisers rarely give everyone the same price sheet when out in the market. There are so many "special deals" out there, that paying the published rate is often not an option. We at Adam House have been negotiating advertising costs and placement for decades. We know what is a good deal, and we demand it every time, on behalf of our clients. We will always find you the best deals, better that you you'd be able to find on your own.

Unified Branding

All too often, we encounter ads with mismatching colors, logos, and messaging. Businesses will sometimes do this intentionally thinking some ads will work and they want to test them all. Other businesses just don't have a uniform branding message. Regardless of the reason, presenting a brand without uniformity causes customer confusion and puts your business at a disadvantage, both professionally and in the mind of the consumer. You are less memorable, and need to pay more attention to details.

Targeting the Right People

We'd all like everyone to come to our business, but a wide target base can usually harm a business more than help it, when it comes to marketing. By targeting and customizing an ad to the personal traits and interests of a targeted consumer, your ad is more likely to connect with them and bring them to your business. For example, if your company targets young families with a family-friendly invitation, it is more likely to bring in that customer than a generic "we are here" message to the wide audience.

We are focused on the quality of the ad, as we are NOT paid on commission.

When you pay for advertising, we do not get paid more, or based upon your ads. We are not getting kickbacks. So we are unbiased.