Have a lot of employees and need an interactive training program? We have you covered.

With ever changing technology, equipment, and policies, it is often difficult to keep your employees up to date on what is new and essential in their jobs. Training programs of the past involved an individual being flown from office-to-office around the country, but now you can offer your employees hands-on training through a custom educational application, designed to your specific needs by the Adam House team.

Customized Training and Testing

A great benefit of electronic training programs is that each employee can learn and be tested on the same material or only a segment of the material. For example, a sales employee may need to know all of the technical information of a product, but an accounts payable person may only need to know the specs. We can customize the user learning experience by job title, by department, or by individual.

Interactive Experience

Electronic training programs can be designed to allow students to interact instead of just reading and studying. When demonstrating a product, a 3D interface can be created. When teaching a new policy, a video storyboard can demonstrate an interaction with a choose-your-own-ending options, testing if the student understands how the new policy would be used in the situation.

Customized Data

Often when creating custom educational training programs, it is difficult to know just how much information should be taught to the individual employee. Does the position require it? Do they need it so in depth? Well, with an electronic training database, you can add everything and then customize the educational experience to the needs of each position. Additional training can be added with a single click, and testing will ensure a solid knowledge foundation.

Testing the Knowledge

How do you know your employees have a full understanding of the new information? You test them. In the electronic educational platform, testing can be built in to occur after each lesson, or as a summary at the end. This data can then be used to ensure the education has been effective, and if there are unexpected results, the educational platform can be refocused to change a particular lesson or experience with ease.