Gary Nenner

Broadcast Media & Digital Platforms

As an innovative, award-winning, and multi-talented executive producer, Gary brings a distinctive record of achievement from the Television and Cable Industry as well as vast experience in creating Mobile Apps & Interactive Platforms. His list of accomplishments include:

– Health Choices, a unique public TV series which examines traditional and non-traditional approaches to medicine and healing.

– Inside the Law, hosted by ABC’s Jack Ford and Court TV’s Fred Graham, in association with WNET/13 New York.

– Financial News Network, where he was responsible for programming The Art Market Report, AutoTrends, The Business of Show Business and Inside Corporate America.

– Producer at ABC News and ABC Sports where he personally produced some of the most famous and memorable sporting events, including the Olympics, Ali/Frazier bout, the World Series, PGA Golf and Wide World of Sports.

– Pioneering the development of interactive health-related mobile apps & platforms such as the Manage Addiction Lifeline for recovering opioid patients, the Health & Wellness Portal for Canyon Ranch, and bringing the teachings of Mehmet Oz, Andrew Weil, and Depok Chopra’s integrative medicine and alternative healthcare to the public through TV, video and the web.