New Website? Website Refresh? Where to start?

Is your company in need of a new website?

Is your existing website getting a bit confused, but you think it still has potential?

Are you unsure what you need?

Adam House starts by creating an assessment of your current website. We analyze the layout, visuals, navigation, design, imagery, headers, text and back-end systems. We look for what seems to be engaging viewers and what falls short. We then take in all the information and assess if it is more cost effective to adjust the existing site, or to start a-new.

Unlike other marketing and website companies, Adam House does not assume that everyone needs a new website to succeed in business. We will not try to sell you a new website if you don’t need it. We know that every business has custom needs and budgets, and we want to give you the right solution for your business.

How is Your Website Performing?

Technology changes and over time, websites become outdated. This could be visually or functionally. For example, is your website easy to read on a mobile phone or device? With nearly 50% of all website traffic coming from mobile devices, this needs to be a priority for your business.

How about your SEO? Can search engines find you, or are you lost in a sea of meaningless results?

Inconsistent design. Confusing text. Complex navigation. It happens to websites over time.

Call in Adam House to review your website and either revise it or create a new website.

Website Text Creation

Does your website represent your company's true personality, or is it just information on a screen? Too boring; Lacking substance; Repetitive; Too technical. Partner with Adam House and we can take your messaging to the next level. We have the skills and experience to write the best content on your behalf. We work with you to understand your messages' intentions and adapt the words to become engaging, entertaining, and informative. We have experience writing the most technical copy, regardless of industry, in a way that is easily understood by your target audience.

Can Google See You?

Ever wonder why your competitor's website comes up higher in Google, Yahoo, Bing! or other search results than your company? The simple answer is that their website has better SEO than yours. SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is enhancement of a website's text, navigation, links and functionality to better communicate with Google and other search engines, so that it comes up higher on related visitor searches. Adam House can help your boost your website's SEO, through use of keywords, META tags, links and other tricks-of-the-trade. We specialize in creating a solid foundation of Search Engine Optimization, making your website competitive for years to come.

What's Up With Blogs?

Blogs are a great tool to help boost your website's online content and SEO, but who has the time to write a new blog and post them every week? The fact is that few business owners have that sort of time, so they let the blog section of their website go silent, which actually hurts your website by reducing consumer confidence, negating the whole point of a blog. Let Adam House take over your blog and we will right custom, unique blog content that showcases your business as professional and knowledgeable, giving readers confidence and most importantly, improving your ranking on Google and other search engines.

Website Creation and Revision Expertise

Adam House has been designing and creating websites since home computers first became popular. If that doesn't qualify us as experts on the cutting edge of technology and growth, then what would?