What's your goal for Social Media?

Creating Social Media messages can be time consuming and a shot-in-the-dark if you don’t have a plan. You could spend days writing about how your store is “having a great sale!” or “just got in a new widget!” but have no feedback or customer reaction. Or you could go the other direction and talk about how “Becky the cashier brought in homemade cookies!” and “the weather is looking nice today.” Customers may be interested in your sale or new widget, but they don’t want to be inundated with discount messages every day. They may also enjoy the cashier’s cookies or the weather, but they don’t need you to interrupt their social time to tell them about it. These are just a few examples of how Social Media messages can go wrong.

Adam House can help you create a plan of attack that will bypass the mundane, limit the discount-culture, engage potential customers, and bring you brand recognition. We can create an outline of message topics, themes and concepts for you to write about, and can even do the copy writing for you. We can even automate the messages to go out at optimal times to reach your target consumers.

Social Media Reaches New Customers

The key benefit to Facebook is that people go there to relax and absorb content. If you present them with your content in an engaging a fun way, you will make an impact. Text and content that just sells does not work. No one wants to be advertised to, but people do want to learn new things, see funny things, play games, win contests, and see photos of themselves and people they know. If you give them what they want and the content that they are visiting Facebook for, you will have the opportunity to advertise yourself in a more memorable, share-worthy way.

Facebook Pages

Does your business have a Facebook page? Does it even need one? It really depends. If your target customer is a business or business professional, then probably not. But if your target customer is a person shopping or going about their life during their off-time, then absolutely. There are too many pages for B2B businesses that get no traction because of misguided efforts. On the other hand, there are also too many dry, non-personal business pages that would be engaging new customers if they put in a slight bit more effort.

Facebook Advertising

Paid ads on Facebook are more cost effective than Google Ads, and have the benefit of targeting personalized groups. Not only do they reach new customers, but they reach them while they are engaging content and relaxing. Of course, your add cannot just say "buy XYZ now." In true social media form, your ad must be engaging as entertainment, humor, or education. If you create a Facebook Ad that is engaging, your viewers will react positively.

Facebook Contest

Give your viewers something to interact with. Create a contest that allows customers to win a prize while recommending and interacting with your page. By creating a contest where potential and existing customers comment or even tag a friend in the comments of the contest, you are having them share the contest on their pages/feeds. Additionally, they are in a way endorsing the contest and you to their social followers, by lending their name to be along side yours.


Professionals are often hired based upon recommendations and connections. LinkedIn takes this process online. By creating an online persona of yourself with your resume and credentials, you can virtually network with other people who also have LinkedIn accounts. Often professionals will begin connecting with people they know intimately through work, but eventually, they find themselves seeing an expansive network of professionals who have been vetted and endorsed by people they trust.

LinkedIn Business Pages

LinkedIn isn't just personal any longer. Businesses can present themselves and network as well. By creating a business page on LinkeIn, populated with profiles of your employees, you leverage their skills and experience to connect to a larger network. This way, if a potential customer researches your business, they will see years of successful, happy, engaged employees who are well connected and will service their needs well.

Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat

Visual based social media platforms are not a great tool for most businesses, but for some they can bring in a high rate of sales for a low investment of time. Companies who offer new, visually stimulating product on the regular, such as restaurants and stores, can find great success posting images with minimal text to these social media sites. The images posted must be high quality, showcasing dimension and color to tell a visual story, drawing new potential customers to bookmark or "like" the image.

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