In this day of Instagram, High-Quality Photos are the Expectation

Long gone are the days when you could get away with a mediocre product or business photo. In this modern age, taking quality shots (or cheating with filters and Photoshop) is expected, both in business and in our personal lives. If a viewer can't see a photo and be transported by color, texture, and depth, they move on.

So what does this mean for your business? Keep an eye on the details. If your photos are anything below professional quality, you should reexamine them from the consumer's point of view. Do they showcase the product in 3 dimensions, while showing the scale of the product? Is the background engaging, by either fading away or by creating a broad personality or story? Is the lighting complimenting the complexion of the people in the shot, or exaggerating their human flaws? Now that our eyes and minds are accustomed to overly-perfect photos, the less-than aspects of images stands out.

Hire a Photographer, or Train to be one Yourself

Though the quest for perfect photos has become the norm, this means that there are more professional and freelance photographers available and more photography classes at our fingertips. Hiring a photographer used to be an ordeal of vetting, budgeting, managing expectations, and so on. Now, photographers and generally acceptable photography equipment are everywhere, so the process has been simplified.

This does not, of course, eliminate the need for a true professional photographer. Instead, it makes the market more competitive to find the right photographer to suit your business' needs.