Mailers aren't dead. They are just different!

Long ago, mailers were a key strategy to get new customers. It made so much sense. Just put your information on a card, mail it to local homes, and now those home owners know where you are and what you do. Well, that is still true, but a few things have changed over the past few years.

Stand Out or Thrown Out:

Since most important correspondences and bills are online based, people pay less attention to their mail these days. Everything is “junk" or “bill." But what if you are neither? You better look like it. Create a bold statement through color, images, or shape to be instantaneously noticed as something “other."

Quick Message:

Even if you get noticed as an “other" piece of mail, your message must be easily understood with minimal reading. For example, if you have an offer, simplify it to be read in just a handful of words. If the offer appeals, the reader will investigate further.

Well designed mailers should immediately stand out

How do you know if your mailer is going to work? Glance at it quickly and glance away. With that simple look, what did you see? Did you see an offer? Did you see what type of product/service was being offered? Did it pique your interest enough to give it a second look?

If you answered yes to these 3 questions, your potential customers will be able to too. Most snail mail advertisements are cluttered with text, contain uninteresting stock images, and have a confusing offer. If you avoid these pitfalls, your results should be positive!